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                                                                                                                       "... the things which are not seen are eternal".      

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His *time of Refreshing, Behind the Seen

Awarded Black Pearl Soul Best Book 2009 -genre Christian Fiction/Faith-based/Our Experiences. A Black Pearl Online Magazine 2010 interview excerpt: “I married a professional basketball player whose ego completely consumed his 6’8” frame. From him emerged the control; the evil; and the violence that I prayed to never, ever experience again. My life seen with him was fifteen years of marriage; three children; a large colonial house; a boat; several cars; and such, however behind the seen was domestic abuse, infidelity and cruelty to our son. Therefore, divorce was eminent. Thank God for bringing us through it and opening doors of opportunity for me! I needed Him as I stepped out into single parenthood without child support –you see, the children’s father did not want to contribute to their well-being. So I vowed not to make it an issue of the courts and ascribed it as something he must work out with God” Release 2008 and; ISBN978-1-60647-366-5

Forgiveness: An Offensive Weapon

'Now, I must introduce to you how Offensive Weapons create the art of 'first play'. While warming the game bench [if you will] of life, your subconscious records everything-the spoken Word; academics experiences; disciplines; relationships;environment ; street smarts; entertainment ;etc., which equips you for living positively [prayerfully]! It's easy to talk a good game form that vantage point [on the bench and especially about another's struggle], but what happens when your trials come and you are called from the bench to get in the game? Do you walk your talk? Excerpt page 24, 'Offensive weapons of First Play'. Read to Discover- Forgiveness, A Result of Spiritual Rootedness. Release 2009 and; ISBN978-1-61546-617-7

Happiness Is: Commanded To You and Through You

"So to fulfill Adam's happiness, God knows the time has come to create woman and present His special gift. She is not an afterthought for her design is taken from Adam's inmost being to emphasize that all the people of the earth are in Adam and distinguishes their superiority to all lower animals. She is comparable to him. She is of his kind -complimenting him. She is his help-meet. After awaking Adam, God gives her to him and blesses them [in marriage], decreeing their dominion over all the earth" Excerpt page 9 from God's Pleasure. A Foreword is written by Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington of Reid Temple A. M. E., located in Glenn Dale, Maryland.

Release and; ISBN 978-1-4567-9972-4