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                                                                                                                       "... the things which are not seen are eternal".      

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OUR VISION  as Christians, makes it imperative that we foster Spiritual Truths of God's Word and His presence in our family heritage, generation unto generation unto generation! How will they know if we don't tell them? How will they know the many things that God has done and is doing for us if we don't leave a legacy? Deuteronomy 11: 1-2 inspires me to share so that my generations know to always trust the living God for there is non other. We don't have to experience any struggles because Jesus took all our sin, curses, and pain to the cross! Hopefully, your visit here and my writings  lift up your heart and protects you from what is paid for already!

OUR PURPOSE is Renewing the minds and hearts of Christians to imitate God the Son; Love God the Father with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; Listen to the guiding of God the Holy Spirit; therefore, receiving the very best of His blessing!

OUR MISSION  is to Teach and exemplify wholesome doctrine; giving respect to our elders' generational wisdom; follow God's design of parenting and family relationships; lighting the market place; and raise up real godly men to know the role God ordained for them by loving the women in their lives and not participating in Domestic Violence.


This writing had an interesting inception, in that it was a vision from God.  It is a love story of a Godly man named Lappidoth in the Old Testament where Jesus is often revealed and he then demonstrates in his life the fore-light [prophecy] of Christ and the Church -an ideal marriage. He was an honorable, intelligent, godly man mentioned once and non-descript in the scripture. Yet he was and integral factor in an assignment for the Israelites' repentance and deliverance. The story also represents leaders in ministry and government who are women chosen by God specifically to His purposes.